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Over the years I have helped hundreds of clients to achieve their fitness goals. Here's the feedback from just a few...

Jane Thompson


I'm not a gym bunny and never will be so finding a personal trainer who understands and accepts that is not easy, but I think I have! Having trained with Andy for 8 months now I can safely say I have a different view of the gym which previously would have been purgatory for me. I am beginning to realise I can do more than I expected and working with Andy has given me confidence. To date I have lost almost 3 stone in weight!


Andy tailors my program to constantly change me. I never know what's coming next  - a new time trial or exercise. It keeps me motivated and interested and I'm slowly learning to accept the gym as part of my 'working' week.


I have arthritis related to my Crohn's disease and have managed the winter without cortisone injection to my knees and hips, a first for more than 5 years so I'm starting to believe that exercise does work and the programmes Andy has set for me have unquestionably helped.


I would highly recommend Andy to anyone thinking of finding a personal trainer. He's unlike anything I've ever known! Approachable, has an ability to understand a client and their needs, communicates well (apart form the jokes), motivates really well and makes you do and try things you probably wouldn't do on your own in the gym. The hour goes quickly but you feel well worked.

Debbie Davis


When I started at training with Andy five years ago I was completely new to training in a gym environment, the thought of being in a gym made me feel nervous and self-conscious.


From our very first session Andy made me feel at ease with my new surroundings and my confidence grew quickly.


Training with Andy has been fantastic, the sessions are hard work but fun and enjoyable too.  Andy creates a pleasant atmosphere to work in.


It became apparent very quickly that Andy has a wide knowledge of training methods and techniques, this made me feel like I was safe and in control even when I was doing exercises for the first time.  I have been delighted with the results that Andy’s training has given me, I have radically changed my body shape…for the better!


I would not hesitate to recommend Andy as a personal trainer, I’m in better shape now than when I was in my twenties.

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